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Friday, March 2, 2012

9 Best Weight Loss Tips for Everyone

Everybody knows how to loose weight but it is not as simple as it like. Gaining muscle may be easier for all but to decrease fat is just too hard. In my case when I started loosing my weight I just follow what my trainer asked me to control over diets. I can’t do what he exactly asked me to do but I was starting to eat low and avoid snacks, spicy food and rice as well. And obviously I go for a regular workout for my abs. I found a great impact on my abs and I loose my weight and don’t be surprise I can give 2 to 4 pack on my abs. But after some days I discover my weight has increased and the packed abs has vanished that happened only when I attend some office parties and family dinners. So it’s up to you how you can control over your diets and workout.

It’s a fact that there is no single diet that is perfect. What works for one may not necessary work for someone else? So simply follow the universal true to loose weight is eat less and exercise more and follow some diet tips which I am going to mention below. These tips may help you to loose your weight and help to build a perfect shape of your body.

Best Diet Plan Ever:

1. Drink Plenty of Water or Other Low Calorie Liquids:
Drinking plenty of water is the first choice for every dietician. We sometime confuse thirst with hunger and then we need some calorie food and a glass of cold water. The best way to survive, take plenty of water but if you don’t like to drink only water you may take some juice which have no calories.

2. What to Add in your Diet:
This is the best idea what to add your diet rather than what you should take away. You can take 4 to 6 servings of recommended fruits and vegetables each day. Take vegetables in your lunch plate but not a part of your lunch plate it should be full with vegetables and fruits and vegetable juice.

3. Are You Really Hungry?
Our stomach is just a size of our fist. So by taking just a handful of food it feels. So when you really feel hungry and your body need food then only take some food just to fill it rather than eat till your food will not be finished. This process will not fulfill your hunger rather than it provides fuel to increase your weight.

4. Avoid Night Time Snacks:
When you take rest and seat in front of your television some people are habituated with taking some snacks without being hungry. It provides your body lots of calories unknowingly. So try to avoid snacks while resting or watching television or you may choose some low calorie snacks or biscuits or low fat ice-cream and when you habituated with these then try to take cup of zero calorie tea like green tea.

5. Enjoying Food:
Enjoy your favorite food rather than to cut off from your diet just because of they were high calories I think it’s not a good idea because in this process we eat more to cut off our favorite food. In my point of view be a slim shopper instead of buying a bags of candies or cookies buy very small amount which will allow you not to cut off your favorite food from your dinner but you must eat these very occasionally.

6. Treat Away from Home:
Treats are became a part of our daily life. But when we keep it in our home we became lazy but outside home treats are really enjoyable and we find sufficient labor which doesn’t allow the spicy foods or high calorie food to stick in our body.

7. Mini Meals:
Studies show eating 4-5 times a day will keep people more healthy and they can control over their body weight and appetite. When we are hungry it will be a challenge to eat smaller calorie food. So if we divide the calorie to small parts of our meal then it will be great and remember your dinner should be the last time you eat.

8. Pasta or Veg.
Eating a cup of vegetables is more workable to loose weight than eating pastas and breads. By eating less pastas and breads you can loose weight. So try to avoid pastas and breads and follow cup of vegetables.

9. Physically Active:
Always try to keep your mind stress less and engage yourself in different house work or physical exercise or outdoor games.

This is the most applicable and workable tips for loosing weight and platform for a solid body shape from my own experience. I think this will help you much if you enjoy this post doesn’t forget to put a few comments which will inspire me to post more health tips. Stay tune…

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