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Saturday, December 3, 2011

How to Reduce your Fat

Everyone like a slimming figure but for this we have to prepare our mind not to hurry and our aim should not be to loose more than 2lb per week. I have read some articles about this and collect some tips from those and also from my own experience as well.

Whenever you will start your slimming course be prepare with a diet chat, changing diets is a good thinking rather than go for a dieting, eat slowly and a little amount of food so that your body will recognize that you are not hungry. Don’t clean your plate whenever you are in a restaurant. In your diet plan must include plenty of water. Go for gym regularly instead of workout at your home because you can’t be regular at your home.

There is a chart of some foods and how much Kcal those foods provide, have a look
Calories in Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Calories in Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Sushi Serving Kcal
Tuna & Salmon Sushi, Itsu 1 Box/282g 315
Sushi Selection, Ichiban 1 Pack/161g 253
Sushi Rice, Dry Weight, Nishiki 1 Serving/70g 249
Fine Beans, Shredded Fresh Ginger, Wakame Sushi, Itsu 1 Pack/250g 222
Salmon Sushi Roll, I Love Sushi 1 Roll/125g 195
Prawn Nigiri Sushi, Sushi San 1 Pack/138g 190
California Sushi Rolls, Sushi San 1 Pack/123g 169
Prawn Sushi, Itsu 1 Portion/98g 151
Vegetarian Sushi Roll, I Love Sushi 1 Roll/125g 141
Salmon Sushi, Itsu 1 Portion/64g 129
Sushi Seasoning, Mitsukan 2 Tbsp/30ml 50
Sushi Akami Tuna Nigiri, Wasabi 1 Piece/45g 43
Sushi Ginger, Mitoku 1 Serving/18g 4

Calories in Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Food Serving Kcal
Glazed, Original 1 Doughnut/52g 200
Glazed, Raspberry Filled 1 Doughnut/86g 300
Glazed, Chocolate Iced 1 Doughnut/66g 250
Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles 1 Doughnut/71g 260
Glazed, Lemon Filled 1 Doughnut/85g 290
Chocolate Iced, Crème Filled 1 Doughnut/87g 350
Powdered, Strawberry Filled 1 Doughnut/74g 260
Glazed, Chocolate Cake 1 Doughnut/80g 340
Maple Flavoured Iced 1 Doughnut/66g 240
Vanilla Cake 1 Doughnut/80g 340
Glazed, Cruller 1 Doughnut/54g 240
Powdered, Blueberry Filled 1 Doughnut/86g 290
Chocolate Iced, Custard Filled 1 Doughnut/87g 300
Cinnamon Apple Filled 1 Doughnut/81g 300
Glazed, Crème Filled 1 Doughnut/86g 340

Calories in Fruit & Veg

Food Serving Kcal
Red Kidney Beans In Water, Tesco* 1 Can/420g 391
Potatoes, Baked, Flesh & Skin 1 Med/180g 245
Banana Fresh, Weighed Without Skin 1 Med/150g 143
Sweet Corn, Green Giant* 1 Can/200g 140
Apricots, Dried, Sundora* 1 Serving/50g 83
Pear, Average, Raw 1 Med/170g 68
Orange 1 Med/160g 59
Garden Peas, Bird's Eye* 1 Serving/85g 53
Potatoes, New, Boiled in Salted Water 100g 53
Cherries, Black, Raw 100g 51
Apples, Eating, Raw 1 Med/112g 53
Mango, Raw 225g 60
Blueberries, Raw 100g 60
Kiwi Fruit 100g 49
Onions, Raw 100g 36
Peach, Raw 1 Med/110g 36
Plums 100g 36
Satsumas 100g 36
Cauliflower, Raw 100g 34
Broccoli, Green, Raw 100g 33
Peppers, Capsicum, Red Raw 100g 32
Carrots, Young, Raw 100g 30
Broccoli, Raw 100g 30
Strawberries, Raw 100g 27
Melon, Average 100g 24
Green Beans, French Beans Boiled in Unsalted Water 100g 22
Courgette, Raw 100g 18
Grapes, Average 100g 17
Tomato, Raw 1 Med/85g 14
Lettuce, Average, Raw 100g 14
Mushrooms, Common, Raw 100g

Watch a Video Instruction on diet chart to lose weight

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