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Sunday, April 1, 2012

How to Get a Good Bicep in A Simple Way

We are previously discussed to loose muscle and some abdominal exercises in the previous posts. In this post we will learn how to get good biceps in an easy and simple way. I am trying to share my own experience in a bicep exercise. Everybody wants to get an eye catching biceps in a beach or you may say in a party.  It’s easy to get a good bicep but not easy to get overall body structure. So follow the simple tips for getting a good shape bicep.

Biceps are divided into two parts one is short head the outer bicep and another one is long head which is your inner bicep. You have to workout for these two parts for getting a perfect shape of your bicep. Keep your bicep exercise twice a week which is good for a regular bicep exercise. If you are a beginner of body building workout then my advice to first improves your muscle strength for any heavy workouts. For improving your muscle strength push ups, bench/chair dip or squat are the best exercises to follow. Try these for a month or two then proceed to heavy weight body building workouts.
Ok, in Bicep exercise you have to do twice a week and there should be some day’s gap between two bicep workouts. The instruments required for your bicep are
  1. .       A curl or straight barbell
  2. .       Dumbbells according to your strength capacity you can improve the weights
  3. .        A preacher bench.

You should increase the repetition of bicep workouts of dumbbell and barbells.

Firstly schedule the bicep workouts on that day how many time you can do the workouts. After doing some push ups hold the barbell straight in your hand towards ground and should keep it 1 inch luck in your elbows, hold the barbells exactly at your shoulder size (close grip) then push it up towards your chest and touch your upper part of your chest so your hand will touch your bicep then move it downwards towards the ground slowly. Make a set of 2 to 3 for beginners and 6 to 8 for heavy muscles, in each time you should improve the repetition as per your body strength. After each barbell workout you should go for dumbbell workout like barbell stand tall and hold the dumbbells straight towards the ground and raise both hands towards your chest like barbell workout. Then go for the preacher workout it is the best method which I have get benefited much, hold the grip of a dumbbell and place your hands on the preacher bench and slowly move it towards downwards and push it upwards this is best for get a perfect inner bicep shape. In this way you can also do this exercise with a curl barbell.

Many bodybuilders are not support for rope or machine curls, I may not differ from them but it is helpful for me with a machine or rope curl your bicep will be centralized and provides same pressure to make both the biceps same shape otherwise in only dumbbells your bicep may be different in shape. If you workout in home then only dumbbell and barbells are much enough but if you go for a regular gym then you should try for rope or machines for your bicep workout.

Remember you should try heavy weights for getting mass in your bicep muscle otherwise only once a week or light dumbbells may not improve your bicep muscle. One thing I want to add everybody may not achieve good long shape biceps because the lean of everyone’s muscle are not same. So by doing same workouts one may get good long shape biceps one may not. So don’t worry about this that will much enough for a good looking figure not for a body building context. In our next post we will discuss more about bicep workouts so keep watching my posts stay tune….. 

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Friday, March 2, 2012

9 Best Weight Loss Tips for Everyone

Everybody knows how to loose weight but it is not as simple as it like. Gaining muscle may be easier for all but to decrease fat is just too hard. In my case when I started loosing my weight I just follow what my trainer asked me to control over diets. I can’t do what he exactly asked me to do but I was starting to eat low and avoid snacks, spicy food and rice as well. And obviously I go for a regular workout for my abs. I found a great impact on my abs and I loose my weight and don’t be surprise I can give 2 to 4 pack on my abs. But after some days I discover my weight has increased and the packed abs has vanished that happened only when I attend some office parties and family dinners. So it’s up to you how you can control over your diets and workout.

It’s a fact that there is no single diet that is perfect. What works for one may not necessary work for someone else? So simply follow the universal true to loose weight is eat less and exercise more and follow some diet tips which I am going to mention below. These tips may help you to loose your weight and help to build a perfect shape of your body.

Best Diet Plan Ever:

1. Drink Plenty of Water or Other Low Calorie Liquids:
Drinking plenty of water is the first choice for every dietician. We sometime confuse thirst with hunger and then we need some calorie food and a glass of cold water. The best way to survive, take plenty of water but if you don’t like to drink only water you may take some juice which have no calories.

2. What to Add in your Diet:
This is the best idea what to add your diet rather than what you should take away. You can take 4 to 6 servings of recommended fruits and vegetables each day. Take vegetables in your lunch plate but not a part of your lunch plate it should be full with vegetables and fruits and vegetable juice.

3. Are You Really Hungry?
Our stomach is just a size of our fist. So by taking just a handful of food it feels. So when you really feel hungry and your body need food then only take some food just to fill it rather than eat till your food will not be finished. This process will not fulfill your hunger rather than it provides fuel to increase your weight.

4. Avoid Night Time Snacks:
When you take rest and seat in front of your television some people are habituated with taking some snacks without being hungry. It provides your body lots of calories unknowingly. So try to avoid snacks while resting or watching television or you may choose some low calorie snacks or biscuits or low fat ice-cream and when you habituated with these then try to take cup of zero calorie tea like green tea.

5. Enjoying Food:
Enjoy your favorite food rather than to cut off from your diet just because of they were high calories I think it’s not a good idea because in this process we eat more to cut off our favorite food. In my point of view be a slim shopper instead of buying a bags of candies or cookies buy very small amount which will allow you not to cut off your favorite food from your dinner but you must eat these very occasionally.

6. Treat Away from Home:
Treats are became a part of our daily life. But when we keep it in our home we became lazy but outside home treats are really enjoyable and we find sufficient labor which doesn’t allow the spicy foods or high calorie food to stick in our body.

7. Mini Meals:
Studies show eating 4-5 times a day will keep people more healthy and they can control over their body weight and appetite. When we are hungry it will be a challenge to eat smaller calorie food. So if we divide the calorie to small parts of our meal then it will be great and remember your dinner should be the last time you eat.

8. Pasta or Veg.
Eating a cup of vegetables is more workable to loose weight than eating pastas and breads. By eating less pastas and breads you can loose weight. So try to avoid pastas and breads and follow cup of vegetables.

9. Physically Active:
Always try to keep your mind stress less and engage yourself in different house work or physical exercise or outdoor games.

This is the most applicable and workable tips for loosing weight and platform for a solid body shape from my own experience. I think this will help you much if you enjoy this post doesn’t forget to put a few comments which will inspire me to post more health tips. Stay tune…

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Friday, December 9, 2011

13 Best Abdominal Exercises to get 6 Pack Abs

In this session we will discuss what exercises are best to burn fat and get a quick six pack abs. It’s always a difficult task to burn fat rather than gain muscle. Abs workout is one of the toughest workouts for anyone because you have to keep a lot of patience in this period; it’s not an overnight result. All you need to follow a good diet plan and regular work out with a lot of patience.

All the extra fats in your body are stored in the abdominal area, so for this you need to continue a regular workout for the abdomens. It’s not necessary to workout for abs daily, I suggest you for 3 to 4 days in a week. It’s not necessary to complete the entire workout in that day just to satisfy yourself, try to do which one is suitable for you and keep the repetition cycle. Increase your workout limit (as per your body will accept) day by day. Don’t do any fasting for a quick result because your body can’t digest this certain food limitation, decrease your food and eat no of times so that you don’t feel hungry.

I will suggest you the following best abs workout from the top to bottom regarding their effectiveness.

1. Bicycle Crunch Exercise

2. Captain's Chair Exercise

3. Reverse Crunch

4. Plank (Hover) Exercise

5. Vertical Leg Crunch

6. Ab Crunch on Exercise Ball

7. Torso Track

8. Crunch with heel push

9. Long Arm Crunch

10. Ab Roller

11. Traditional (Basic) Abdominal Crunch

12. Exercise tubing Pull

13. Ab Rocker

Bicycle Crunch Exercise: This is the best ab exercise if you can do it properly.

Captain's Chair Exercise: This is another best exercise but you need equipment for this.

Reverse Crunch: Kick up the feet with the torso holding steady.

Plank (Hover) Exercise: This is a basic exercise from Yoga

Vertical Leg Crunch: This is likely to regular crunch but all you need to keep your leg straight and all the pressure will be on your stomach.

Ab Crunch on Exercise Ball: This is also an effective to burn your fat faster but you desperately need a ball to do this workout.

Torso Track: This comes at no 7 but I personally don’t like this exercise because it may cause back pain if you roll too far then it may affect your back, so if you feel uncomfortable then no need to do this switch to another one.

Crunch with heel push: This is likely to a traditional crunch but in this version you have to push your heels on the floor so that your abdomen will engage more which can’t be in a regular crunch.

Long Arm Crunch: This is an effective workout for your upper abdominal area.

Ab Roller: This is a nice exercise which provides your neck and arm support. This is a best exercise who will face strains in their neck while doing regular crunches.

Traditional (Basic) Abdominal Crunch: This is a simple ab exercise but many people can’t perform it properly.

Exercise tubing Pull: This exercise is ranked in the University of San Diego in abdominal exercise study, this is one of the effective workout for upper abdominal portion.

Ab Rocker: This is a device which helps in the toning of the abdominal muscle.

The above 13 exercises are the best workout for abs; if you follow these steps you will get a better and quick result. We will definitely discuss about the above points later in this blog so keep following my blog.

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

How to Reduce your Fat

Everyone like a slimming figure but for this we have to prepare our mind not to hurry and our aim should not be to loose more than 2lb per week. I have read some articles about this and collect some tips from those and also from my own experience as well.

Whenever you will start your slimming course be prepare with a diet chat, changing diets is a good thinking rather than go for a dieting, eat slowly and a little amount of food so that your body will recognize that you are not hungry. Don’t clean your plate whenever you are in a restaurant. In your diet plan must include plenty of water. Go for gym regularly instead of workout at your home because you can’t be regular at your home.

There is a chart of some foods and how much Kcal those foods provide, have a look
Calories in Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Calories in Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Sushi Serving Kcal
Tuna & Salmon Sushi, Itsu 1 Box/282g 315
Sushi Selection, Ichiban 1 Pack/161g 253
Sushi Rice, Dry Weight, Nishiki 1 Serving/70g 249
Fine Beans, Shredded Fresh Ginger, Wakame Sushi, Itsu 1 Pack/250g 222
Salmon Sushi Roll, I Love Sushi 1 Roll/125g 195
Prawn Nigiri Sushi, Sushi San 1 Pack/138g 190
California Sushi Rolls, Sushi San 1 Pack/123g 169
Prawn Sushi, Itsu 1 Portion/98g 151
Vegetarian Sushi Roll, I Love Sushi 1 Roll/125g 141
Salmon Sushi, Itsu 1 Portion/64g 129
Sushi Seasoning, Mitsukan 2 Tbsp/30ml 50
Sushi Akami Tuna Nigiri, Wasabi 1 Piece/45g 43
Sushi Ginger, Mitoku 1 Serving/18g 4

Calories in Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Food Serving Kcal
Glazed, Original 1 Doughnut/52g 200
Glazed, Raspberry Filled 1 Doughnut/86g 300
Glazed, Chocolate Iced 1 Doughnut/66g 250
Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles 1 Doughnut/71g 260
Glazed, Lemon Filled 1 Doughnut/85g 290
Chocolate Iced, Crème Filled 1 Doughnut/87g 350
Powdered, Strawberry Filled 1 Doughnut/74g 260
Glazed, Chocolate Cake 1 Doughnut/80g 340
Maple Flavoured Iced 1 Doughnut/66g 240
Vanilla Cake 1 Doughnut/80g 340
Glazed, Cruller 1 Doughnut/54g 240
Powdered, Blueberry Filled 1 Doughnut/86g 290
Chocolate Iced, Custard Filled 1 Doughnut/87g 300
Cinnamon Apple Filled 1 Doughnut/81g 300
Glazed, Crème Filled 1 Doughnut/86g 340

Calories in Fruit & Veg

Food Serving Kcal
Red Kidney Beans In Water, Tesco* 1 Can/420g 391
Potatoes, Baked, Flesh & Skin 1 Med/180g 245
Banana Fresh, Weighed Without Skin 1 Med/150g 143
Sweet Corn, Green Giant* 1 Can/200g 140
Apricots, Dried, Sundora* 1 Serving/50g 83
Pear, Average, Raw 1 Med/170g 68
Orange 1 Med/160g 59
Garden Peas, Bird's Eye* 1 Serving/85g 53
Potatoes, New, Boiled in Salted Water 100g 53
Cherries, Black, Raw 100g 51
Apples, Eating, Raw 1 Med/112g 53
Mango, Raw 225g 60
Blueberries, Raw 100g 60
Kiwi Fruit 100g 49
Onions, Raw 100g 36
Peach, Raw 1 Med/110g 36
Plums 100g 36
Satsumas 100g 36
Cauliflower, Raw 100g 34
Broccoli, Green, Raw 100g 33
Peppers, Capsicum, Red Raw 100g 32
Carrots, Young, Raw 100g 30
Broccoli, Raw 100g 30
Strawberries, Raw 100g 27
Melon, Average 100g 24
Green Beans, French Beans Boiled in Unsalted Water 100g 22
Courgette, Raw 100g 18
Grapes, Average 100g 17
Tomato, Raw 1 Med/85g 14
Lettuce, Average, Raw 100g 14
Mushrooms, Common, Raw 100g

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tips to Loose Weight

One day during my workout in the gym center a guy ask me advice him for a quick weight loss tips, That guy was bearing too much of excessive weight as compare to his height. He was so frustrated for his overweight that he was ready to whatever exercises for loose weight. I was advised him not to worry to loose weight is not a quick process though you can take allopathic medicine or other medical help to loose your weight but that was not good for your regular health. Just keep patience and follow a good diet plan according to your dietician and do some regular exercises.

Believe me to loose weight is not an easy task and not an overnight process to follow. I was gone through this period when I was overweight as compare to my height. I did what I am describing the same here. I simply draw a diet chart and started follow in my daily life. Juggling for 20 to 30 minutes at the beginning and then increase the time to 40 to 60 minutes. Do some light exercises regularly and take my food at a specific time interval but very little quantity. Drink water which is must when you are dieting.

I found at the beginning I started to loose my weight 1 pound in one week of dieting process. Then I was never breaking this process and now I got the result. So first of all prepare a good diet chart after consulting with your dietician. Start walking or juggling for 30 to 40 minutes every day with some light exercises. Drink water sufficient, eat 5 to 6 fruits, vegetables with 1 leafy green vegetable, avoid fried and oily food, add salads in your diet is also a good diet plan but careful of salad decorating. Don’t think a sugarless or fat less food is also a calorie less one. Never give break of this process and believe me by following this steps you can loose your weight 1 to 2 pounds in a week.

In my next post I will provide you the diet plans and diet chart as compare to your age and height. Keep reading my blog.

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